Hey guys and gals ive been up north for a few weeks working my butt off and i had a chance one evening to take the old camera out for a bit of fun. I noticed some nice clouds forming to the east and i knew from experience that it would make for some nice colours, this is what i got its not a very dramatic image its just something simple and i just love the tones. this had very minimal processing as in just a slight contrast adjustment

I hope you enjoy it as much as i do

cheers philbo


Old Tower of Power


Hey everyone sorry its been a while since ive posted on the blog ive been very busy with work and with weddings over the last couple of months i hope you enjoy the image

cheers philbo

Rockingham Reflections

I was out on the Rockingham lakes the other week and this little Gem appeared infront of me and it just keeped getting better and better
I hope you guys enjoy this one

p.s. sorry about the lack of posts

Cheers philbo

Jurien Bay Camping Trip

I was up in Jurien on the weekend with a heap of my photography buddies and we went to some really cool little spots near Jurien the beaches around this area are so beautiful and the water is so clean and clear im definatly going to have to head back and have another look around

hope you like the image

Cheers philbo

Carnac Island with true north mark

I went over to Carnac Island with my mate true north Mark and a few other photographers it was an awesome day as i had never been to Carnac before, when we got on the beach we all set of in different directions as i was walking along the beach there were a few seals around which was really cool as i had never seen one up that close before i left them to there rest and moved up the beach a little further thats where i came across this scene i hope you guys like it



Serpentine Foggy Morning


i was home from work last wednesday and i woke up and looked out side and it was so foggy i couldnt even see the house across the street so i grabbed my gear and shot out the door this spot was about a 4 min drive from home down the old serpentine rd

i hope you guys like it

cheers philbo


Canal Rocks

i was down south on the weekend with my mate rick and his class that he was teaching photography to it was a very stormy weekend

so it was imposible to shoot the actuall canals but i hope this shot makes up for it

cheers philbo

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